We help our clients anticipate and manage change in culture, values, demographics and the marketplace.  We specialize in strategies for the revitalization, repositioning and intensification of communities, real estate assets and workplace environments.  And, we translate those strategies into plans and designs that respond to a wider range of expectations.  Our value to clients has always been the ability to conceptualize a visionary, but practical, strategy that creates enduring value... while leading teams to embrace innovation and excellence within the confines of real world constraints.  Over the years, our clients continue to work with us because we can enhance the returns or increase the value of most development opportunities.  And, we live for complex and difficult problems of culture, development, place-making and social issues that can be addressed by the built environment.  


For over thirty years, Michael Mindlin has been involved in real estate development and place making as a developer and architect.  His projects and design work are well published and honored with some of our industries top international design awards. But, just as important, they return enhanced profits, enduring value, enthusiastic patronage and surpass their strategic goals… precisely because our work achieves a strong emotional place in the life of the cultures and communities served.  Along with David Suttle, Michael was the Founder and Managing Principal of Suttle Mindlin, an internationally acclaimed "strategic" planning and design firm noted for its wide range of award winning and financially successful projects, here in the States and abroad.  Michael and David continue this same partnership that has led to so many successful projects and buildings of beauty and comfort.


This Century
2009 ULI Top Ten International Developments
2009 AIA Distinguished Award
2007 ICSC International Design Award
2007 ICSC European Design Award
2006 ICSC Innovative International Design Award
2006 ICSC European Design Award
2006 MIPIM International Design Award
2000 AIA Interiors Award
ULI Handbook on Mixed Use Development
ULI Handbook on Place Making
ULI Handbook on Town Center Development
ULI Handbook on Retail Development
ICCS Winning Shopping Center Designs


Mark D. Bethel, SVP Triple Five

"I have consistently been astonished by Michael's ability to reach a solution so well thought through. His vision and creativity are prescient and every chance I get to work with him is a pleasurable adventure."

Lu Reames, VP Wells Fargo

“Michael is brilliant, forward thinking and solutions-oriented with an extraordinary commitment to success while remaining accountable for shared success with his employees and community. I continue to enjoy our partnership as change agents around diversity, while relentlessly pursuing our economic goals."

Shyam Kannan, Principal RCLCO

"Michael is a visionary and heartfelt professional who brings his passion for urban place making and attention to client needs to every facet of his work. Michael is not only excellent at what he does… imaginative, detail-oriented, creative and forward-thinking in design… but also the kind of person who makes time for anyone who needs him.

Werner Maassen, SmithGroupJJR

"The true multidisciplinary thinker, strategist and doer. Michael understands his clients’ businesses in social, political and economic [terms]. The resulting master plans and buildings are but a small part of a larger orchestration, part of “the story” - they evolve almost as a given from his understandings and visioning [and] coming to fruition by his leadership and skills in implementation."


Mixed Use
Place Making
Destination Experiences
Branding, Repositioning and Revitalization
Real Estate Development Strategies
Solutions for disruption in retail development markets
Portfolio "work-outs" and “value add” strategies
Private Residences https://www.livelifeyourway.design/


We provide a full range of strategic services for real estate development, economic development, community revitalization and corporations.  Our work is focused on four main areas of practice:


We provide services to efficiently identify "highest and best use" and real estate development strategies supported with award winning planning and design services that gives project teams a clear "road map" for achieving future success including: strategic development goals'; placemaking; design content; and confirming clients' financial returns.


We manage the design process and curate design and development teams by first establishing a visionary, but practical, definition of future success. With this clear and precise shared definition of success, we then identify the right expertise tailored to each opportunity including specialized analytics; "cutting edge" thinking; design, and technical expertise tailored to each project. We write, evaluate and manage RFPs; minimize professional fees while maximizing quality outcomes; and identify JV partners. In addition, we advise on branding, website design and other strategic communications.


We maintain long standing professional relations with all the consultants your project is likely to need.  Our role varies from project to project and is always tailored to the need of the client.  We can help you determine the best possible range of project team firms by clearly articulating a powerful vision… and the criteria for success. We can provide a full range of expertise and provide a single source of contractual responsibility and management through MINDLINconsulting, the Executive Architect, or other entity, as is best for the client.


We believe that social need is the best foundation for sustainable real estate development… and provide entrepreneurial services when situations demand action, often in collaboration with our clients. Currently, we are co-founder of firms focused on container housing communities; installation of fast fiber as an “accelerant” to “economic” development; educational prototype for “at risk” children; and the transformation and intensification of shopping centers and malls.

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