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We believe that our cities, both large and small, are the social, economic and innovative hubs of America and their continued revitalization is merely essential to our quality of life.  And, in serving this higher truth, we best protect our clients’ interests.



We believe that our cities, both large and small, are the social, economic and innovative hubs of America and their continued rejuvenation is merely essential to our quality of life… and our ability to compete in a more complex world.  And, to the extent that we serve this mission, we are enhancing our clients' best interests.  We believe there is no inherent conflict between strong and enduring financial success... and social responsibility.  Capitalism in pursuit of its own enlightened self-interest can be a powerful force for positive change.

Changing the Definition of Success

This attention to social issues has led us to collaborate with clients to have a more positive impact on the lives of those we encounter.  And, it has led us to push the real estate business model, and our clients, to have more impact full results.  After all, development is expensive.  It's complicated.  Its hard.  And, there are risks.  We strive to change the definition of success to be a bit more expansive... and in doing so lower the risks and broaden the benefits.  It is in this spirit that we have collaborated on a number of exciting projects, some of which succeed and some have failed.  But, that hasn't dampened our enthusiasm.


Homelessness Defines our Society

Homelessness in America is a serious problem that not only destroys lives and has manifold costs to society... it also robs us of our own humanity. There are more than 1,600,000 homeless in American and more than 40,000 veterans are homeless. For years, state and national government has struggled with the needs of the homeless, without much success. Is it possible for a public/private partnership to effectively solve this problem? Can capitalism in the service of its own "enlightened self-interest" affect social problems such as homelessness and induce many of the homeless to accept housing, care and job training to transition them back into society? Is this really beyond the ability of Americans to solve? Working in support of a committed group of businesses, our client's goal is to help the homeless acquire new jobs in emerging industries that will require a new hi-tech workforce. It is not insignificant that the locations for some of these technologies can be in areas of homelessness and high unemployment. Our model is very focused: house, heal, train and employ. Alignment between the private sector, social agencies and corporate America can complete the cycle of transition from street life to productive engagement. Our client intends to have a pilot program up and running in California in collaboration with a Fortune 500 company that will accept this new hi-tech workforce trained in the needs of these emerging technologies.


Broadband Collaborative

Whats at stake is whether the new jobs, ideas and services will come from the United States... or Stockholm, Seoul and Beijing where the kids already play in virtual sandboxes of very high capacity networks. Broadband is gasoline on the fire of economic development and we're working with communities, developers and organizations to bring broadband to those that need it most.


HealthCare Village

What if the built environment can be “transformational” and actually affect the daily health decisions we all make? The Village is founded on a belief in the essential need to change the culture in which healthcare is delivered to the American public... and make wellness the heart of our communities.


NFL Branded Master Planned Community

Bringing the power of the NFL to create a competitive advantage to our clients and insure sustainable support for the Alumni Association's mission of addressing the needs of children.


Prototype for a New Learning Platform

How does one "capture" at-risk youth and bring them into the lives of others that can mentor them and transform their belief in the future. We use the built environment to facilitate this learning and to move kids thru a more engaging and social learning process.


War on Asphalt: Intensification Strategies

Disruption in the current retail industry is an opportunity to create value in markets lacking development sites and transform the shopping experience. Benefits are maximized when we integrate new uses directly into the life of the shopping experience. And, office sites offer reductions in complexity, parking requirements and development costs.


Scrolling Rotunda

In pursuit of their own enlightened self-interest, one of the largest owners of shopping centers worked with us to bring education and wellness into the shopping experience and create a new national platform for connected learning with retail leasing tailored to a new mix of corporate, cultural and institutional interests.